The Laurent Habrard estate, a family business and an organic production

The vine growers of the Laurent Habrard estate work their production with care and love. It is located at the core of a exceptional vineyard of the northern Côtes du Rhône, leaning back on the foothils of the Massif Central, about thirty kilometers from the south of Lyon, along the Rhône.

Our human-scaled vineyard makes a point of honor on respecting the environment and the production methods resulting from organic farming. Laurent Habrard’s wines are therefore labeled “organic” and certified High Environmental Value. We have implemented a winemaking method without sulphites for red wines making our production retain all of its natural flavor.

The vineyard’s secret

Laurent’s parents, Marie-Thérèse and Marcel still participate to the estate’s activity. “ It’s secret time…”: at a very young age and to make some money, Marie Thérèse came in 1965 to harvest for Louis and Madeleine Habrard, Laurent’s grandparents. In between two chopped grapes, she met Marcel, one of the 5 sons. They really learned to know each other because they had then 4 children together and took over the estate’s management.

It’s funny and bold to know that it was Louis, her slightly strict and conservative father-in-law, who told her all the secrets of the estate, which she will then manage for more than 20 years. She still puts her working dungarees on during the harvest period.

The vineyards

15 ha of cultivated vines in the center of prestigious “crus” of the Northern Côtes-du-Rhône. The vineyard is divided in three appellations: Crozes-Hermitage, Saint Joseph and Hermitage. These high quality unique soils will be the essential basis in the making of the estate’s great wines.

The team

A dedicated and liable team with: Sylvain, the head of the cultivation, Kevin, the tractor driver fighting against the weeds that can’t be too invasive. It is also worth mentioning the dozen of seasonal workers that will be in charge of the growing vines, starting from the disbudding to the harvest. 

See the estate’s plots, located in the Northern Côtes du Rhône