Red Crozes-Hermitage

The Terroir

The Laurent Habrard Estate works with 10,5 ha of  vines in red “Cozes-Hermitage” color and appellation.

On this surface, more than 3ha are located south of the area and the remaining plot is located in the North side of the Crozes-Hermitage, on a very different soil. Rolled pebbles on the one side and granite and loess on the other.
Working on plots of both sides of the Crozes-Hermitage soils is a real added value for the estate. It allows a vinification of different grapes in order to have cuvées with features as different as complementary.

The Vines

Entirely composed of the  “Syrah” grape variety, the estate’s vines are relatively traditional. In fact, some “old vines” are about 70 years of age. Two types of vine-maintaining plots are to be seen on the estate. Each one of them has a specific size. “Gobelet” size for the vines maintained by wood plots (échalas) and the “ Cordon de Royat” size for the vines maintained by wires. The vines with wood plots are difficult,  if not impossible, to move so they are on the most ancient and steep plots.

Grape variety: Syrah 100%