The only HERMITAGE plot of the Laurent Habrard estate is located is the well know locality “ Les Roucoules”. The 4760 square meters surface was bought from the General Charles de Gaulle’s son-in-law, Monsieur De Boissieu, by Laurent’s grand father, Louis Habrard in the 70’s. The soil is made of limestone from the heights of the Rhône and its abundance of pebbles.

The Vines

A part of the plot is more than a hundred years old. In fact, some vine plant date back to the time of the phylloxera and the replanting of the French vineyard at the end of the XIXth Century

The hill and the narrowness of the rows make impossible the work by engines. Then only workers and horses are responsible of the extraordinary beauty of this plot that represent the flower of the Laurent Habrard estate.

Grape variery: 100% Marsanne


For each vintage, the artwork of one artist is chosen to illustrate all the Hermitage White bottles of the estate. To join in the contest and maybe win 2% of the production, click here.